Physical Strength, Immune Function, and Mental Clarity, All as ONE

Are you as strong as you want to be both physically and mentally?

Strength comes in many forms, we have physical strength, mental strength, gut strength, you name it. The thing is that they are all intertwined, but they all start from the mind. Even your physical strength comes from the confidence you create in your mind. Any muscle can become strong with the right training, patience, and persistence.

When we start to physically train our body, we create a plan and as we continue to work the muscles, with time, they become stronger. That strength we build through exercise is also related to how well we burn calories and digest foods, how well we sleep, how we recover from daily stress, and how strong our immune system can become.

Who knew that lifting weights could influence so many areas of our body?

Every time you contract a muscle, you stress the muscle fiber and it becomes stronger. That same stress creates stress in the bones, which makes the bones stronger. Because the bones and muscles are stressed, they need more calories and nutrients to repair bigger and stronger. With this repair, comes added circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

This circulation provides added nutrients to every part of the body, improving immune function, and physical energy. It'is an amazing cycle that improves our overall health.

From a mental standpoint, the extra oxygen and blood help to nourish and clear the mind. Making way for creativity, stress reduction, and focus.

Everything works together!

Once again, are you as strong as you want to be? Here are my top 5 ways to seamlessly add in some physical and mental strengthening through the craziest of days:

Lift Heavy Things

Anytime you have the opportunity to lift something heavy, such as grocery bags or small children, do it. Muscular strength is the root of it all and muscles only get stronger when they are challenged. We have become a society that looks for help to do just about anything. It's time to take the lead and lift, pull, and carry, at all times. No matter the age or the sex, we were all born with muscle tissue, so it's simply a matter of putting it to work.

Re-Set the Mind Every Day

Taking a time-out from the chaos, is a way to clear and reset the mind. This reset allows us to explore more solutions, enhance our creativity and let go of the many stresses that would keep us in a flight or flight response over nothing. Taking a moment in our day for solitude helps us create new perspectives and view the world with fresh eyes. You can accomplish this through journaling, mediation, or any other mindful activity.

Move the Body with Purpose

The human body was designed to move. Engaging our muscles creates an array of positive outcomes that can impact our health, energy, digestion, and drive. When our body is flooded with endorphins from cardiovascular activity, our immune system is enhanced, metabolism turned on, and our health becomes ignited in so many ways. Adding a pep to your step, dancing to your favorite tune, or charging forward on a piece of cardiovascular equipment, will strengthen your heart and ramp up your circulation.

Focus on Nutrient Dense Foods

Food is fuel, your overall nutrition should be coming from your food choices and not a supplement bottle. Your body appreciates it when it can receive all of its nutrition, unaltered and high potency, from great foods. Choosing organics minimized the chemicals in the foods from pesticides. Buying local maintains the integrity of the nutrients since there is little storage or refrigeration in between. Minimizing manufactured and processed foods, produces an overall food plan that provides quality nutrition. Your goal is to eat vegetables as a main staple, fruit as a dessert portion, and combine them both with a quality protein and fat to support satiety.

Digest your Foods for Success

Your gut is the central processing center for all of the bodies nutrition. With antibiotics, processed foods, and a bit too much alcohol, gut bacteria becomes lethargic. In other words, if your gut bacteria is not nourished fully, your body is not absorbing all the amazing nutrition from your foods the way it should be. Providing you body with probiotic foods such as kimchi, kombucha, or even yogurt can nourish the gut bacteria in a way that keeps it working for optimal performance.

At the end of the day, it's up to you to make the needed changes that enhance your health and well-being. It's hard to start, but once you get going you will feel amazing, energized, and unstoppable. You and your body are totally worth the effort. We are living in a time that the immune system is key. A strong immune system will keep us working, working out, and healthy so make it happen!!

Live, Love, and Laugh!!


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