What is your Chemical Load?

Our Bodies are so amazing! They can do anything, and they are designed to do so many other things that we don’t even recognize.

For one, did you know that our bodies can store anything in our fat cells, including toxins? Basically, when we ingest or absorb any substance or food, our bodies evaluate what it is and decide to use it or store it.

Here’s the clincher, if our body does not recognize it, our body will store it. If it recognizes it but doesn’t need it, it will discard it. So let’s say you consume a lot of vitamin C and your body doesn’t really need all of it – it keeps what it needs and discards the rest. On the other hand, you absorb all sorts of chemicals from skin care product through your skin – your body doesn’t recognize them so it stores them in the fat cells, ugg!

Here we are thinking that counting calories is our end all to a lean body and great health, think again. Our toxic load could be to blame for some of our weight and health issues. Unfortunately what the FDA deems as safe applies only to that one ingredient. It does not take into account the cumulative effect of several products and/or chemicals.

My average female client will dye and perm her hair, paint her nails, use makeup, suntan lotion, and an array of other skin care products, wash and condition her hair, drink coffee with splenda, eat conventional fruits and vegetables, clean her house with conventional cleaning products, etc, etc. My average male client will dye his hair, use shaving cream and cologne, wash and condition his hair, dry clean his suits, etc, etc. Get my drift? Not to mention the products you use to clean your house and fertilize the garden. Only you can take full charge and responsibility for your health, if you are not lean and energized you need to look at the entire picture and make modifications to minimize your toxic load,

It’s interesting to me that the first thing given to a cancer patient is a handout that discusses the elimination of chemicals in that persons day to day. Every book that I have read about cancer prevention and elimination discusses the toxic load and how to minimize it. Hmm, there must be something to it.

Try this out, go to http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ , type in your favorite skin care product or shampoo and see what you get. A zero has no known carcinogens; a ten has several known carcinogens. So let’s say your favorite deodorant is Old Spice Long Lasting Deodorant – that is rated as a 7. Yet Ban Invisible Solid Deodorant is a 1, its not perfect but it just lowered your chemical load by 6 points.

There is no need to make yourself crazy, but there is a need to know what you are putting in and on your body. Little by little you can substitute your product choices for similar products that provide the same benefits to you without adding to your toxic load. Baking soda and vinegar are just as effective as Comet, but yet provide you with no toxins; bait stations can kill the same ants in your house without spraying your family out of house and home. So the next time you want to try that new stain fighter or air freshener, take into account how it will affect the toxic load of you and your family. There is no way we can be free of toxins, but we can minimize or eliminate the ones that we have control over.

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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