Additives and Preservatives



Ever wonder what all those things are on the food label that we can’t pronounce? My very first nutrition professor at UM once said it is best…”if you can’t pronounce it and you don’t know what it is, DON’T EAT IT!” So now with many years of education behind me, I stand to that statement 100%. If I can encourage you to do anything, read the food labels. You will be amazed at what you find. I was reading the label of a popular sandwich bread – 35 ingredients. Hey, I love to cook, but bread is pretty simple, yeast, flour, and water. So why is it that we need 35 ingredients? Companies add in all sorts of things to tantalize our taste buds, cut costs, and create addictions. Yes, I did say addictions, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and white table sugar have all been compared to the addictive effects of cocaine. Let alone all of the health issues that come along with consuming these things. If you look at the labels carefully you will see a number of things that you shouldn’t eat, let alone your children. Most commercial kids foods contain as many preservatives and additives as possible, they want to hook your children in and then they help you rationalize it by telling you that it is fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals your children need. FYI – fortified means that all the initial nutrients of the grains, etc. in the product were stripped away with processing so they added them back in by synthetically deriving these nutrients. Long story short, the body rarely recognized synthetically derived nutrients, so you may think your giving your child what they need nutritionally but in reality they are receiving very little of it.So, in conclusion, read the labels and keep the ingredient list as pure and identifiable as possible. It all goes back to the health of your family and you should be sure that what you do give them provides them the nutrition they need and that they absorb every bit of it.


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