Supplements for Your Kids



Things used to feel simpler. We received our nutrients from food and that was all we needed. Unfortunately, things have become more complicated and our foods have become more deficient in all the wonderful properties they should contain. So what does this mean for our kids?


Supplements can give our children an added benefit if chosen wisely. As with anything else, manufacturers want to tantalize the taste buds of our children so that they become hooked on their product. When choosing supplements, keep in mind a few things:


1. Look for Whole Food supplements – this means that they derived the nutrients from foods as opposed to synthetically manufacturing them.


2. Look at all of the ingredients – For most multi-vitamins they need a sweetener, make sure the label only contains one and that it comes from pure cane sugar or honey – nothing else.


As with anything you give your children, you may want to speak with your health care professional to make sure that there are no adverse interactions with any medications your child may be taking. For the most part your children could benefit from a Multi-Vitamin, a DHA or Fish Oil Supplement, and a Probiotic. Additionally, when the weather brings a chill in the air, some extra Vitamin C will give your kids that extra boost they need.


You cant go wrong by overloading on foods that are packed with natural nutrients.  CLICK HERE for recipes and more 


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