Should we feed ourselves and our children differently?




Consumerism has done an amazing job in making us believe that there are different foods for us and our children. We are all human beings, the only difference is that our children are growing exponentially and we have already reached our peak.


So on that note, the only difference is that we need to make sure that every meal our child enjoys is packed with vitamins and minerals. That their daily needs for Proteins, Fats, and quality Carbohydrates (in the form of fruits and vegetables) are met to their fullest. And that their body is hydrated, 100% hydrated, with lots of water and some fresh juice here and there.


We are tantalized every time we go to the store with an assortment of packaged products that claim to be fortified with the specific nutritional needs of our growing children. Nutrient absorption is quite simple…If it is processed (no longer in its natural state and comes in a packaged product) it is fortified which means that the vitamins have been synthetically added in. On the other hand, if something is fresh and not processed it comes packed with its original vitamins and minerals. The difference is that any processed item will not be utilized to its maximum benefit as would a fresh, non-processed, item.


Remember, give your kids the best! Don’t skimp on processed items when fresh ingredients are so easy to come by. Next time you throw a dinner party, think of it this way…would you serve a box of macaroni and cheese on your fine china? I would hope not, so let’s not give it to our kids.


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