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A look Inside

Hi, I'm Adita. Did you know that YOU are the most important person you know?  It may sound selfish, but think of it this way, if you do not place yourself first, and I mean the VERY FIRST, how can you motivate and inspire all of the amazing people around you?

Listen, I am totally one of you.  I have owned a business, managed several others, and am in the midst of raising two amazing kids as a single mom.  Life gets crazy, I know that, but your health should never feel like a chore.  What you do for yourself should go right along with waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth. 

You were blessed with SUPERPOWERS and those powers can have your back every time, as long as you take care of them.  Your SuperPowers are what charges up your energy and your health.  They become ignited with exercise and movement, food and nutrition, sleep and relaxation, and happiness.

I wrote this book for YOU, to give you easy habits to make your SuperPowers shine like never before.  I am not here to complicate your day, I am here to give you the tools to simplify it, to make eating and exercise doable, to take quality time for yourself without the guilt, and to do it all one fun step at a time.


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The Game Plan

Inside this book you will find all of my SuperPower tools for success.  You will learn the important parts that will truly make a difference in your day to day. Since true SuperPowers are a balanced combination of exercise and movement, food and nutrition, sleep and relaxation, and happiness, I want to be sure to provide you with the easiest way of implementing them into the most chaotic of days.  As you can see, SuperPowers are 4 ingredients, here’s how it will look…

FUEL PLAN and RECIPES:  In these sections you will learn how to eat on the run like a true champion.  You will understand the importance of looking at nutrients more than calories even on a stressful day.  Energy will become your friend and a lean and strong body, your norm!

WORKOUTS:  This is where you will discover that exercise does not have to be torture.  Your goal is to move, lift heavy things, and sweat a bit.  This is not a chore; it is a necessity for this SuperPower body to move you like never before.

ZEN:  Serenity sounds amazing but in our world it is probably far from the truth and that is OK.  This section is about resetting the chaos, the crazy, and the non-stoppable of our days, weeks, and years.  Just taking that brief moment to bring us back to center, clear our head, and charge forward with zest.

HAPPINESS:  I bet you had no idea how important a giggle or two would be to your health and wellbeing?  Well, it is so much more than that.  Let’s take you to your “Happy Place” and create a smiling momentum to disintegrate any evil doers in your path.

THE GAME PLAN:  Here is where I set you up for the future.  These are the steps that I took to bring myself back to center after going from footloose and fancy free to supermom on a mission.  This 8 week plan is designed to easily fit into your day without causing a scene.  Your energy will spark and your health will glow, easy peasy.

"Life takes over sometimes, and that is OK.  This journey is one day at a time,

reread if needed, and simply enjoy the ride!" 

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SuperPowers, A Busy Woman's Guide to Health and Happiness is also available as a digital book on Teachable.  Here you have access to your book and it comes bundled with 6 streaming In-Home Workout Videos with Adita. Then if you want it all on the go, there is an easy to use app so that you can take your book and videos anywhere!
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