Virtual Wellness Initiative 

Programs and Talks for Maximizing Health in the Workplace

Working with employees hand-in-hand to create a culture of health that leads to a more productive work environment. The goal is to provide them with easy habits and tools that encourage health and well-being, amplifies energy, and promotes mental clarity.





Teaching healthy habits to SuperCharge your team of employees.


Let’s change how we view food and focus more on our energy, health, and longevity!  A Livet® is all about creating a customized food plan to LIVE by.


We make dieting and exercise so much more difficult than it needs to be, the key is to understand the “whys” and create a customized plan that fits into our day-to-day.


In 6 weeks you will learn:

Nutrition 101, the ins and outs of what makes food so powerful.

Nutrition 102, how to match our needs with our food choices.

Myths and Misconceptions, deciphering all the information that is out there, in order to benefit us, rather than challenge our health.

Meal Prep Made Super Simple!

Recipes, Cooking, and More.

The 4 Pillars of Health, what are they, how to incorporate them with ease, and how to live by them for a lifetime!


Sign Up your Office or Corporation TODAY and create accountability among your coworkers and peers that will keep you on track and make differences that you will enjoy for a lifetime.


What you will receive:

1 LIVE session per week for 6 weeks

Individualized TEXT support throughout the week

Weekly Homework Assignments to keep you on point

Peer Based Accountability


Program Fee:

$70 per week per person (a total of $420 for the entire 6 weeks)

Minimum of 5 participants to get started

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Office Health Coach

Enhance the Health and Wellness of your Employees with your own Office Health Coach.  Business can take over leaving minimal time for one’s own health; your office health coach will work with your staff to provide the support needed to maximize their health with the limited time available.


A sample of a Weekly Sessions could Include:

  60 minute combination of the following:

  • 20 Minute “No Sweat” Workout, i.e. desk workout, stretching, yoga, and meditation

  • Customized Food Plan Design

  • 15 minute Health Chat

  • 15 minute One-On-One sessions for staff members

  • Text and Email Support during the week

  • Additional Health Coaching referrals– i.e. food delivery options, alternative medicine practitioners, etc.

Benefits to you and your Staff Members:

  • Weight Loss

  • Increased Energy

  • Stress Management

  • Mental Clarity and Focus

  • Increase Overall Health

  • Reduction is Physical Pains

Download the Informational Flyer

Set up More Events with Adita

A healthy mind brings in a healthy attitude and you know what that will give you...More productivity and success.  Setting up recurring workshops, lunch and learn type programs, and conferences is a great way to give your staff and team the tools to place their health in the forefront.



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